Advanced Skin Treatments

Skin Needling

Dermapen4 Collagen Induction Therapy

A skin treatment that creates microscopic channels in the skin allowing it to repair and regenerate via its natural wound healing response thus creating a healthier, smoother and more vibrant skin. It’s safe on all skin types and treats an array of skin conditions.

DermapenTM skin needling treats the signs of ageing, fine lines & wrinkles, skin laxity, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, age spots, scars, stretch marks, rosacea, enlarged pores and more. It is the ultimate anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatment.

Full Face | $450

Spot Treatment | $275

Extra Area Add-on | $50


• Purchase a pack of 5 or more and receive 1 treatment free + post-treatment home care pack including full-size cleanser, moisturiser, vitamin face oil and SPF.

• Purchase a package of 3 and receive your 4th treatment half price + post-treatment homecare pack including small size cleanser and SPF and full-size moisturiser.

Did you know we offer Cosmetic Injectables?

The procedure takes on average about 40 minutes to perform, has minimal discomfort and does not need anaesthetic.

Dermal fillers are gel injections that replace lost volume, sculpt the face, enhance features and can fill in wrinkles. Dermal fillers are used in the upper, mid and lower face including forehead, temples,
frown lines, tear troughs, nose, cheeks, lips, chin, jawline, etc.

Clinical Skin Clear TX

For the precision removal of minor skin irregularities such as skin tags, spider veins, age spots & hyper pigmented lesions, sebaceous hyperplasia and more.

The Clinical Skin Clear device works non-invasively using combined radio and high frequency energy to denature superficial layers of a lesion or cauterise feeder vessels of dilated capillaries. Lesions are removed instantly or dry up and fall out.

Treatment is quick and does not pierce the skin’s surface or damage the surrounding tissue.

There is minimal discomfort during treatment and healing time is short, from just 1-2 days for skin tags and a week or two for larger lesions.

Post care required is minimal.

Skin Clear Treatment | $295

Cleanse, exfoliate, all lesion removal, LED light therapy, Peptide Rejuvenating Sheet Mask, hydrate and SPF as well as home-care advice.

Skin Clear Add-on | $120

Add lesion removal only to any Facial Treat except for Peels.


Exposure to the sun and other environmental and lifestyle factors can cause damage to skin cells leaving you with dull, unhealthy, tired-looking skin. Peels are a great way to undo some of that damage. AHA’s and BHA’s speed up the skin’s own natural exfoliating process by breaking down the bonds that hold skin cells together on the outermost layer. New, healthier skin cells regenerate revealing a brighter complexion with fewer imperfections.

Prepay any 5 peels – get the 6th free

Mini Peels  |  $130

These are your light, no downtime peels for that instant and long-lasting glow.

• Pomegranate
• Aspect 20% Lactic  
• Aspect 30% Lactic 
• Enzyme

Maxi Peels  |  From $150

These peels require the prior use of specific skincare to prep the skin. They exfoliate on a deeper level and require some minimal to no downtime.

• Aspect 40% Lactic  |  $150
• Aspect Power   |  $250
• Jessner   |  $150
• Environ ACM  |  $200

Vitamin A Peels  |  From $150

These peels require the prior use of specific retinol products to prep the skin. They work by using a combination of acids to exfoliate and encapsulate retinol to penetrate deeper increasing skin cell turnover and gently yet effectively stimulating rejuvenation of the dermal and epidermal layer of the skin.

• Essential Peptide   |  $150
• Detox   |  $200
• Benefit  |  $200
• Timeless  |  $230

Herbal Peel  |  $350

This Cosmedix Deep Sea herbal peel is completely acid-free. Herbs are mixed together with a nourishing oil activator and the preparation is gently massaged deeply into the skin where it will stimulate cell turnover regeneration. This peel is great for sun damage, hyperpigmentation, ageing and minor acne scarring. Flaking of the skin is expected and 2-3 days of downtime is required.

• Deep Sea